Armida Villela Meza

Armida Villela Meza
Armida Villela Meza

Attorney at Law Senior Partner

Ms. Villela studied law at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras (UNAH), Honduras; La Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Madrid, Spain; and St. Godricks College at London, England.

Ms. Villela specializes in Constitutional and Administrative Law.

Public Posts
Vice- President of the Republic of Honduras. 2002-2005;
Representative of Honduras in the Forum of Central American Vice-Presidents;
the Organization of the United Nations (UN); and the Organization of American States (OAS)

Minister before the Council of Central American Social Integration, CISCA;
Representative of Honduras before Mesoamerican Initiative for Human Development;
President of the National Council for Combating Drug Trafficking; and Member of the Central American Parliament PARLACEN.

Pro-bono Services
Ms. Villela Meza has done considerable Pro-Bono work for the welfare of local indigent communities. Her activities include:
Legal Services for the Cristo del Picacho Association
Housing advocacy services for Ciudad Divina Providencia.
Legal Services for the Desarrollo Integral de la Familia Hondureña Association
Advocacy Services for the Futuro de la Niñez child welfare organization
Advocacy Services for Juventud Renovada youth organization.
Ms. Villela Meza is also President of the Consejo Nacional de Lucha contra el Narcotráfico (National Council Against Drugs) and a sponsor of Casa de la Cultura Ramon Rosa.

Languages: English, Italian and Spanish